New Castle Hotels & Resorts' Privacy Policy
As of: June 28, 2004

The website is owned and operated by New Castle Hotels & Resorts ("New Castle"). We respect your right, our customer, to personal privacy while using this site or responding to our marketing media.

So that you can feel more comfortable and secure, we will describe how we utilize the information collected and what you can do to control your personal information.

Use of the Information
New Castle uses this information to communicate directly with individuals who have voluntarily filled out a form or responded to our marketing media. The content of any communication will generally be to inform our customers of special rates, packages, changes, news, etc. for the specific hotel or resort that the customer expressed interested in.

From time to time similar information about other hotels or resorts owned or managed by New Castle may also be sent to all customers.

Types of Data Requested
In general the site will ask for information including but not limited to your : name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, business name, job title and other such pertinent information. In addition preferences regarding room type, recreational activities, dining, etc. may also be requested. This additional information will be used to make sure our properties meet the needs and desires of you, our valued guest.

New Castle will not ask for personal information such as social security or credit card numbers. However, this information may be requested, or indeed required, on booking engines that are linked through our site(s). The privacy policy for these organizations are described on their sites and are not the responsibility of New Castle.

Other Information Collected
Our website utilizes session based information to efficiently navigate from page to page. This information is stored in 'cookies' placed on a guest's computer and they assist the user by storing information and preference settings that are then utilized the next time they visit our site. If you do not want this information stored on your computer, you can set your web browser to deny (or accept) the use of cookies. Consult your browser manufacturer for the proper procedure to set your computer to your preference.

Information from the web servers is routinely collected to ascertain the demographic and geographic makeup of visitors. Additionally we need to track who linked you to our site. This collected data contains no personal information and is used to improve the site and its information.

There are also links to other non-New Castle operated sites. The privacy policies for these sites are the responsibility of the specific site owner/operator and New Castle assumes no liability for information collected from these sites.

Every e-mail sent to our customers as part of our normal marketing media will contain an "opt-out" link. Use this link to delete your information from the customer database. There is no way to edit individual data but by completing another form when presented you will be able to re-enter our customer database.

Customer Database
New Castle does not sell nor import data to or from any third party. Our customer database represents a unique representation of New Castle's valued customers.

Change of Ownership
Hotels and resorts may periodically change ownership or management. In the event of a transaction of this nature, the data for that hotel may be transferred to the new owner or manager. Should this occur, you will receive an e-mail from New Castle notifying you of the change of status. The data will be covered under the privacy policy of the new owner or manager and New Castle will not be liable for any use of data related to those hotel/resort from that point on.

Notice of Changes
All changes to policies from this point forward will be listed in the section below for a period of 30 days and will include the effective date of the change. After these 30 days have passed, changes will be incorporated into the language above. Customers are urged to frequently check back at this site for changes to our policy. A link will be provided on all e-mail and web site homepages back to this policy for your ease and convenience. New Castle will not inform its customers of any policy changes other than in this manner.